Today im taking look at the upcoming Yeezy 350 MX Oat. This latest colourway is a change up to what we’ve normally seen from the Yeezy 350 model. They drop this weekend October 23rd for £180/$220. The upper has a mixture effect to the knit similar to what we’ve seen with the Yeezy Foam Runners in the past. It’s bright & definitely different in person.

Let me know what you think of these down in the comments below!

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37 comentarios en «These Are Totally Different… Yeezy 350 MX Oat Review & On Foot»
  1. Way better in hand! You do a wonderful job of show them using extremely high quality lovely video but in hand yep way different. Also because of the way the colors are set up these match every outfit you can imagine lol the opposite of what people keep saying about not matching. I kept my pair and I am one that got rid of all my 350s except Beluga OGs, Breds, Turtle Doves, MoonRocks, Pirate Blacks, Mx Oats "these" so trust me they are a must have for collectors and anyone that just wants a change that is a good one to the very oversaturated 350 V2 colorways. Don't get me wrong a ton of the 350 V2 colorways I didn't name look amazing and never know I might just pick up a few more just for the nostalgia of them and memories of so.e better times lol I need a fresh pair of Zebras just to throw on ice an bust out in 5-10 years lol do it now or you will regret it if you are a true Yeezy collector! Can't imagine resell prices in 10 years on a pair of Zebras lol!

  2. He’s doing the same thing as Seth Fowler and it’s working keep up the work we need more people like u and Seth Fowler
    Real sneaker heads that care about the culture and shoes not these hype beasts like qiasomar

  3. I like this colour i try on pair so comfortable:) like mattresses on your foot 🙂 i like grey with yellow for winter but sold out ,in my size so waiting 2 them come bk thank u 4 video 🙃😊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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