YEEZY 350 MX OAT Review + On Foot

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46 comentarios en «YEEZY 350 MX OAT Review + On Feet Look»
  1. The wide feel of the shoe is because it's not completely prime knit. The blue to the shoe is monofilament woven into the knit so it makes it more of a loose feel than the traditional knit. It kinda turns me off of the shoe but I still enjoy it. Plus the laces are wrapped with monofilament and that digs into your foot so I swapped those out and enjoy the shoe more. Cheers.

  2. The mx oat 350 are actually another mono 350. Literally the upper has the same monofilament material as the mono ice, the laces are the same as the mono ice. Should have called this mono mx oat 350

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