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  1. Alexa, play Shawty Lo – Dey Know (RIP)

    These people got the blueprints. They got the materials. I’m actually impressed by some of the work I’ve seen first hand and on some of your reviews.

  2. Oh man, oh man… not again… bust’em over the head again MK. You’re the reason I buy UA sneakers. I have a retail pair of those that I regret paying retail for 😂 and that UA pair looks spot on. Funny how you talked about the speed of the color change. I noticed that when I wore them out and the color would change immediately. The longer you stay out in the sun the darker they seem to get but the minute you walk inside a store the color disappears fast. It’s like Redbox, just got a be patient. If you have a big screen at home no need to pay for over priced movie tickets. Buck 50 all day long son. And you won’t feel cheated in the end.

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