0:48 Hislop believes the Super League goes against everything the game of football stands for, and says big clubs need to reevaluate how they do business if they are struggling financially.
1:46 Marcotti explains what the Super League clubs are looking to gain, saying UEFA would have to be willing to negotiate for the league to ever become a real thing.
3:23 Marcotti calls out the big clubs for not managing their financial situations better, saying there was plenty of money to be made over the years before the pandemic.

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23 comentarios en «Can football reverse course from the Super League? | ESPN FC»
  1. Why do you need the money … because player wages … transfers are skyrocketing. Why? … because you have the likes of Psg Man city Chelsea who did not have any form of limitation when it comes to spending. It is a bottomless pot they have because they have owners who are loaded with free money and need to invest it. If one club says no to high wages or transfer sums … the other will.. so ultimately the clubs are at the mercy of the players and more importantly their agents… one very good example of that is Mino Raiola… 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. All these players are hypocrites, they are millionaires because tye club owners invested,, now that theu dlnt want to lose money they want to talk about tradition. Why didnt you play for cheap then?

  3. its not elite teams it is debt ridden teams. Time for governments and the banks to make them pay off their debts….or go bust. These teams have had an unfair advantage for nearly three decades…not caring about the debts they run up.

  4. U guys stop ur rubbish. We know people are upset because champions league will lose its value. Stop the little clubs will be ruin rubbish scape goat. The rich clubs will get more earnings, just say it as it is.

  5. You know if they had just called this a tournament. Like a yearly double elimination tournament, I think they would have taken a lot less flak. The optics would be different. They fucked up. Bad propaganda.

  6. 3.5 billion is a huge slice of the pie Barcelona realMadrid and most of the EPL bring in most of the money and only get a thin slice of the big pie uafa and fifa controle im with the players their staying quiet though speek up boys whats up?

  7. Gab your so wrong about "they don't want to break away" yes they do they don't want to field their best players in these other competitions thus making them less redundant! They are actively trying to separate the big earners from the smaller ones. It's pure elitism

  8. When bankers like JP Morgan chase are involved in dubious deals surely the penny must drop ? . The fans/ players /managers must fight back!
    Together we are stronger !
    The rich only love one thing and it’s not football….💵💵💵💵

  9. Tired of playin small clubs. Need to play top clubs more regularly. More than 90 percent of our matches r against super small clubs. Look at NBA, Big bash, all r closed leagues nd highly successful with no relegation format. Change is tough but absolutely needed

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