Directed by Daniel Colbourne

Now with English and Italian subtitles.

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  1. I can see the appeal in fan owned clubs, but how do they determine who gets voting rights? Can't rival fans easily infiltrate and vote for the most ridiculous club policies?

  2. Nice documentary and interviews but the thing is though if FCUM rises up the league system they will gain more interest (and have to raise ticket prices as well), and they will need better players, which means paying higher wages.
    A lot of the arguments some of these people make are temporary, unless they stay a small club forever.

  3. did you hear the one about the holier than thou football club whose fans slated people for sticking with their club and then turned a blind eye to Andy Walsh behaving like a emperor? judas

  4. "once we have our own ground it will elevate us further"

    Got own ground
    Got relegated 😂😂😂

    Can't help but respect the balls this took to get going think they're aiming too high, can't see them ever becoming a league club, but what do I know

  5. I have the FCUM USA branch badge as my icon both here on YouTube AND on Facebook. And I've been given some shit about it because, to some people, I'm American, and ergo, I CAN'T or SHOULDN'T be a FCUM supporter. Well. let me make it clear: some of us in the USA knew about what scumbags the Glazers were, the few sport fans who were woke and didn't like the way the NFL was becoming more and more commercialized in the 80s and beyond, and we saw their taking over Man U. as very bad for a lot of reasons.

    So, in my view, it's not right to assume that ALL Americans support or agree with the over-commercialization of sport, in general, and football in particular. Some of us LOVE the concept of community clubs and would prefer to have them in our sports. But we've been a closed franchise system for 50 years, in all our sports. To change over would require quite the culture change…and some of us ardently want that change. I do, and it's why I'll never NOT be an FCUM fan, American or not.

  6. Maybe it's better that football clubs stay a locally focused experience instead of clubs going global and moving the focus from local supporters. I"m glad that these fans showed that you can create your choice and don't have to surrender to the will of the so called elite.

  7. I think supporter-owned clubs are fantastic but I think naming the club something so similar to Manchester United and having such similar kits is a mistake. It's not a replica Man United, it's a brand new club and should have a new identity to go with it

  8. WHAT? George Best was one of the Busby Babes? He was 12 when that team was destroyed in the Munich air crash The youngest of them were 10 years older than Best. If they had all lived, they'd have been reaching the end of their careers (as Bobby Charlton was) when Best first appeared. This vid. muddlles up two DIFFERENT football generations.

  9. Fans like this have been priced out of Old Trafford. Can't blame them for making a new club. Glazers couldnt give one because there'll always be tourists coming to OT. One of the reasons why the atmosphere is dire alot of the times.

  10. So much respect for everyone involved with FC United of Manchester, never really liked Man U, but these fans have got it exactly right, dictated by sky where and when a match is played, fork out hundreds a week to watch players who get hundreds of thousands. Hope this happens a lot more. Football is a passion but its getting sold to the big wallets and pricing the common man out. Fuck Sky and fuck the ludicrous wages.

  11. Your wishes seem imaginary and just out of touch with reality. It sounds like you want your team to be your own and no one else's and at the same time be extremely successful and somehow do it on a tiny budget by having players who grew up around town doing it on a part time basis so you can all hang out and have a drink at the pub afterwards. It's just not possible. It sounds like your main argument and complaint is not with the team but with capitalism in general of which there are many valid criticisms. In our current economic climate this is the way modern professional football is and Manchester United are overall an amazing example of how to do things the right way.

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